Sings Like Hell is a radical, critically-acclaimed series of musical concerts being presented at the luxurious Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, California. We stole the name from a friend, decorated the venerable Lobero with gold pitchforks, saints candles and other irreverent trappings and generally created an air of spirited debauchery.

The music for Sings Like Hell ranges from pop and rock through folk and reggae, with rap, bluegrass and jazz thrown in. The musical focus is on singer songwriters (the in-crowd of the music business), and we’re inviting you to take a look at why music critics rave on about records that are so hard to find in the chain music stores.We have sold out over half of the shows we’ve produced so far and we now have fully one half of the Lobero Theatre subscribed.

The audience is young and fun: 30-50, professionals and entrepreneurs, upscale in the coolest way and extremely musically astute.

“You have the best audience,” John Hiatt said to us, “They not only listen, but they know what they’re hearing.”

The highest possible praise from a guru of Sings Like Hell. Excellence is contagious: your employees, family members and friends will be impressed by your astute choice of arts sponsorship. After all, why sponsor shows by dead guys when you can enjoy the real living thing? Did Shakespeare ever thank you for sponsoring that play? How about Beethoven for that little symphony number? Hmmm?