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Party Hearty and take a tax write-off (Speak of the Devil)! Contact Peggie Jones 1-512-751-1170 / and JUST SAY YES!


$10,000 annual donation

  • Six killer tickets for two consecutive series
  • Get to tell Miss Jones where to go (When Hell freezes over)
  • Sit on artist selection meetings (you’re buying, right?)
  • Schmoozy little dinners together
  • Participation in Deadly Sin of your choice.
  • Your picture in the program and thanks from stage
  • Pretty much anything you want, as long as it’s from Hell.


$2000 annual donation

  • Your business name in a special ad
  • Two cool seats in Hell for two consecutive series
  • Purchase extra tickets at the subscriber price
  • Greed or Lust… your choice!

Bridge Over The River Styx

$500 annual donation

  • Your name in lights… well, a link in the sponsor section of the website
  • Purchase extra tickets at the subscriber price
  • Mentions from the stage


$5000 annual donation

  • Permanent Redemption
  • Six tickets to each show for two consecutive series
  • Full page color ad in programs
  • Thanks from the stage at each show
  • A link to your website from
  • Sloth, Gluttony, or Envy – Pick One!

Devil’s Advocate

$1500 annual donation

  • Your name in lights… well, in a special program ad
  • Two cool seats in hell for two consecutive series
  • Purchase extra tickets at the subscriber price
  • Eternal Damnation or Celestial Salvation (Pick One – Quick!)

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